Great first impressions are important to the successful sale of your home and will increase the sales price of your property! Potential Buyers may only have one opportunity to visit your home prior to writing an offer; the ‘feeling’ of the home can be a decisive factor between writing an offer or looking at other houses for sale. The following checklist is a recommendation for preparing the home for sale and making a great first impression on potential Buyers.


Curb appeal is the important first impression a Buyer receives when visiting the home and sets the tone for the remainder of the showing.

  • House numbers clearly defined and visible from street
  • Paint (new paint is great – touch up paint as needed – no peeling/chipping paint)
  • Remove any weeds (spray with weed killer so they do not return)
  • Bushes and plants neatly pruned / trimmed
  • Lawn mowed
  • Sweep / hose down front porch & driveway
  • Trash cans not visible from front (place on side of home or in garage)
  • Remove any personal items (pet items, toys, signs, name plates, ect.)
  • Clearly define property lines
  • Utility service points – covered best as possible


The objective is to make the interior of the home warm and inviting – a place where potential Buyers can envision living at the home.

  • Home professionally “deep cleaned”
  • Windows professionally cleaned
  • Carpets professionally cleaned
  • Obvious repairs completed (any broken window, door, blinds, holes in walls, loose door handles, chipping paint, missing stove knobs, cracked outlet covers, etc.)
  • If it can’t be cleaned or fixed – replace it.
  • Family pictures down
  • Replace old, torn or worn-out bedding
  • Remove and replace faded drapes, fabrics and rugs
  • Throw away old magazines
  • CO detectors installed (recommended 1 for each story of the home)
  • Smoke detectors – operational, tested, installed as needed
  • All personal valuables secured or removed from home
  • All prescription medication secured
  • Clean out garage
  • All countertops (kitchen, bathrooms, bar area, etc.) cleared of any personal items and any small household items
  • Countertops wiped clean
  • Beds made
  • Trashes emptied (if any odor, please spray with Lysol)
  • Laundry picked up
  • Sweep floors
  • Vacuum carpet
  • Any pet beds + food/water placed outside or in garage
  • Any pet waste picked up or removed (into trash cans).

Let’s sell this house!